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Battle raged on the desert sands of the Great Depression.

A land of tribal warriors, scattered and leaderless,

was finally united under one mind, a man proclaimed as

Husam al-Din,

the Sword of the Faith.


On the dark day of his death, al-Din's priests tore his mind apart,

preventing his treacherous wife, Maymunah,

from taking control of his armies.


They disappeared beyond the borders of the known lands,

taking with them the six harmonic stones that contained the mind of al-Din, once again leaving the tribes leaderless,

and united only by faith.


Revenge vowed, Maymunah set her descendants on a quest to recover the lost stones. Centuries passed as nothing was found, until one day, in an ice cave deep in the Meil'vohllen Mountains, Hallen made a discovery that would change the world forever.


Unable to withstand the power of al-Din, Hallen's mind was lost,

and for three further generations the daughters of Maymunah

have only heard whispers in the wind...


The Madness of Hallen

is the first of four epic fantasy novels,

following the lives of two brothers in their quest

against the rightful heir to the mind of Husam al-Din.

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