Russell Meek - Author / photographer / traveller


It was the windswept deserts and ancient routes of the Middle East that set me on this journey. A 23yr old photographer, hitch-hiking across Syria in what is now a war zone, driving the King's Highway through Jordan, skinny dipping at midnight in the Dead Sea, and standing inspired by the magnificence of Petra as dawn rises. That was the beginning of a year long journey that took me from the Saharan desert to the Guatemalan jungles and the thirty meter high swelling seas while crossing the Atlantic to do so. It was an adventure that has never left me and, in 2007, those adventures began seeping their way into the pages of 'The Khalada Stone' adventure fantasy series.


After 8 years living in the UK and photographing throughout Europe and the Caribbean, I returned to my native New Zealand, where I now live by the beach. I travel as much as I can for work and for inspiration, shooting the cover of A Brother's Bond in China and A Dark Heart Rises:I in Southern Spain.